Installation - Various

Jeep - Guerilla Projections
Guerrilla Projections

Guerrilla projections at various locations around Melbourne for Jeep and Juventus FC tour, on behalf of BE Productions. Over two nights I used a van, a generator, a 15k projector and MadMapper to project in various public spaces.

Exchange Gallery, Dublin
UX Design & Programming

Examining similarities in viewer perception of art, translated through user soundscape composition. My role as programmer and UX designer included designing iPad interfaces and enable cross communication between several technologies - Pure Data, Ableton, TouchOSC and Flash - to ensure a straightforward and smooth user experience. Final year group project, Dundalk IT. Winner of Digital Hub Best in Show award.

Holy Name Medical Centre
New Jersey, USA
Waterfall Projection

Waterfall projection at Holy Name Medical Centre, NJ, with Luminescence Production Services.

Jewel Box
Times Square, Manhattan, New York
Lighting Installation

Lighting installation at the Jewel box, Times Square with Luminescence Production Services.